About me


I am a passionate Romanian artist, Stockholm based since 2012. I've worked for many years as a graphic designer and frontend IT developer and one of my hobbies is painting.

My journey in art started in 2010 and I've created more than 100 artworks ever since, mostly acrylic paintings. I am an active member of Vantör Konstförening, one of the oldest art associations in Stockholm. Vantör Konstförening and some other galleries in Old Town Stockholm hosted 14 of my exhibitions.

I'm using different techniques from painting with my fingers, or scratching with a comb, to using painting knives or stencils, stamps and sprays to bring out on canvas my inner thoughts and share them with the viewers.

I’m getting inspiration from the nature, from day to day life, from different events or moments that touched me. A sunset near the water, or some trees in a beautiful morning light or even a tv show, might be quite inspirational for me. This creation is about finding happiness in simple and natural things or feelings.

I am instinctively drawn to abstraction in art because of the freedom it implies. I work intuitively and spontaneously and I prefer to let the process of creation itself to direct to the finished form of the work.

I'm more attracted to paint on the big canvases because these pieces have a higher impact on the viewer, who can be blown away by the vibrant colors and by the positive energy.
 In front of my chevalet I’m feeling free. It’s my way of meditation, a way of being with myself. Nobody else is there, but me, my inner thoughts, my feelings, my colors, my joy.


Here is where my art happens…

Some of my brushes and knives

Pouring technique
It was a very fun Sunday afternoon, pouring acrylic paint and creating a fantastic artwork.

Me ... painting trees for 'Over the mountains' artwork

Me ... signing the 'Grace' artwork

Work in progress (painting 'Lady in black' artwork)


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